Sharing Resources

Our online platforms of mutuality, collaboration and co-creation help communities self-organise initiatives to meet the needs that they identify in their localities and to share resources, skills and assets.

Shared Purpose

In an increasingly complex world, institutions are over-centralised, overstretched and increasingly less capable of holding society together. The task of creating a hopeful and abundant future for our communities is increasingly being claimed by self-organising communities and civil society organisations.

Shared Values

Kindness generates value. At the heart of the practice of mutualism are individual acts of kindness and contribution, that together provide a virtuous circle of goodwill and contribute to building an enabling context for life and diversity to flourish. Our platform intends to empower, resource and support them to do so through innovation and collaboration.

Working together for the Change We Want To See In The World


Make Decisions Together

Online tools for making and implementing local decisions together and identifying available funding & community organising help communities create local solutions meet local needs. Info on the process here.


Manage Resources Together

Neighbourhood resource management tools such as local skills-mapping, equipment sharing, local carbon footprint assessment,  garden sharing, well-being index and so on are supported by a network cooperative of partner organisations, sharing tools, apps and expertise such as Land Explorer & Thriving Places IndexSee how


Manage Community Wealth

We plan to facilitate a community wealth management system by developing a network of social enterprises, cooperatives and employee-owned companies that will enable ways of mutualising local assets and redistributing surpluses through mutual aid networks linked to social enterprises of different kinds.

Developing Community DNA

Within our platform is developing a library of proven ways of working to create social value. Part of that resource is a network of skilled associates with proven capability and knowledge they want to transfer to your community teams and volunteers. We call these our Do-Now-Action templates – or DNA.


Mutualism is defined as an interaction or exchange between individuals of different species, communities or identities that results in positive (beneficial) flourishing  – for example that affects wellbeing or per capita reproduction and/or survival of the interacting populations. Socially and politically, Mutuslism as an ethos is of a different order from most other political ideologies as at its heart is a different orientation to power.