All our events are aimed at empowering self-organising communities and informing professionals how to support them

Creating self-organising communities of practice

28th & 29th Oct 2021

People Centred Development & Planning : Online Conference

How do we address the UK’s housing crisis through new holistic models of regenerative planning & development?

Join our upcoming online conference focussed on people-centred eco-housing solutions for urban, suburban and rural communities

The old development model is incapable of delivering functional living systems and healthy lifestyles, which are fundamental for nurturing and protecting local natural, human, ecological, social and economic value.

DEVX is a two day online event designed as a stepping stone to, and a showcase for, the new regenerative model of people centred development which can address the multiple crises of isolation, health, housing, energy, climate change, mono-agriculture and the fragility of our ill-being systems

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14th April 2021

The Participatory City

with Peter Anderson

How community platforms can empower community projects, In Cardiff, every school was able to identify social & environmental innovation projects by using a community platform toolkit to decide their priorities and make things happen.

This is a catalyst event and part of the Leeds Festival of Kindness, Compassion & Wellbeing

This event has ended