Re-Imagine Britain – Politics But Not As We Know It

Mark Drewell author of ‘The Meaningful Economy’ and former CEO of the Global Responsible Leadership Initiative,  suggests a re-framing of politics congruent for an age beyond scarcity.

Britain was first into the industrial revolution. Now we can be first into “The Age of Humanity”.

In a technological society it is not scarcity that is the problem but redefining our shared purpose. This is about how efficacy, sustainability and social justice can be reconciled in an abundant world.

Our society has evolved beyond the thinking that created the system in which we are now all trapped. Rather than politics as usual, it is now time to re-configure the system. Our collective task is to re-imagine the purpose of politics as a co-creative process – to re-establish real value, humane values, principled leadership.

In the past British people have been ingenious inventors and social innovators. Let us harness the best of who we are by creating a new social contract between people, power and nature, which supports creativity, adaptability, initiative and enterprise from a place that restores human to human and human to nature relationships.

We need to find a new philosophical integration to create a new legitimacy and vision that speaks to and includes everyone –that builds new possibility through new objectives, new ways of measuring success and new ways of organising.

We need to re-balance our institutions to include civil society by re-localizing power and identifying new ways of defining value and exchange. The immature act of using power and wealth for self-interest against others is socially no longer acceptable and in the not too distant future will also begin to be  economically unviable.

It is time to set a new tone and style to politics by moving beyond partisan, adversarial approaches and seeking higher order collaborative solutions.

The new politics will be significantly more traditional, deeply more compassionate and profoundly more radical than any existing party is willing or able to embrace.

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