British Politics Is Running Out Of Time

 Dr Claudius van Wyk suggests that it’s time for Prime Minister May to call an election to break the political logjam and give legitimacy to a way forward!

We have now reached the stage, in this late hour, where the Brexit impasse has become a relatively pointless distraction in an increasingly volatile world. There are so many more important issues needing urgent attention. These range from global geopolitical dynamics, such as an imminent renewal of the arms race, trade wars to the deepening challenges to environmental sustainability.

Brexit – a pointless distraction

Senior Conservative Party MP Kenneth Clarke recently warned that with the hapless handling of the Brexit brouhaha, the public is increasingly viewing politicians, politics, and parliament specifically, with growing contempt. This must surely be deeply disturbing to those genuinely concerned about the future of the country, and all the human benefits that have accompanied the development of the democratic tradition over its fraught history – see: History shows that with vacillating leadership in a time of crisis people more readily respond to radical extremism with unpredictable consequences.

Functional Government Needed

In short, we need a new functional government with a clear mandate to give the country direction. So it’s time for Theresa May to show the courage and moral integrity, of which she is no doubt capable, to call an election. This will of course require that Parliament votes to postpone Brexit – and yes, unless a way can be found around it Britain may have to participate again in the forthcoming EU elections – but so be it. Whilst there are those who might be concerned at the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party winning such an election, my own view is that under his prevaricating leadership this is unlikely to happen. – see:

A ‘Centrist’ movement ?

It’s time to let political parties re-organise themselves around new strategic objectives and seek a clear mandate of not only how they will manage Brexit going forward, but more importantly, to demonstrate their understanding of and applied approach to the dynamic complexity of the 21st century. With a gathering of a centrist movement in British politics this could very well result in the need for a coalition government – see:

Quantum leap in political praxis

I have argued repeatedly that the old left/right, conservative/liberal, capitalist/socialist divide have become thoroughly dysfunctional ideologies for orientating our thinking around d the management of our complex issues. Just as, at this time, we need a quantum leap in human consciousness, so too we need a quantum leap in political praxis.

We’ve run out of time – come on Prime Minister – call an election! 

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