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Neither Big Government Nor Small Government Can Deliver ‘Big Society

Civil Society

Taking the politics out of politics

The social space – where we are free to relate, associate, reciprocate and create families, friendships and fellowship – beyond the control of the state and the market – is the domain of civil society, which over recent years has too often been invaded, captured and enclosed by the market and the state in order to control and extract value for their own ends.

An Inner Evolutionary Shift

Empathy at the heart of change

Through mutual respect, individual responsibility & shared purpose, we can create flourishing, fair, functional & effective self-organising communities. By doing so we can re-balance society & nature through restoring trust and agency to local communities, families and pro-social business.

From Ill-being To Well-being

Valuing what really matters

Personal, community and public well-being are based on mutuality – on relationships of give and take – that enable Civil Society to grow places and people as well as protect nature. Only when power, profit and political parties are in their right place can we create the conditions for all to flourish.


We are a non-partisan alliance of concerned citizens committed to the principles of Fairness, Family and Fellowship aiming to deliver pro-social practice in public spaces, organisations, enterprise and governance that support the well-being of all on the basis of mutual values of  Respect, Responsibility, Reciprocity and Trust.

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We want to protect and nurture what we hold most dear and live in self-determining, thriving, harmonious communities that are properly resourced and have the power to be innovative, creative, courageous and kind, where families and ethical enterprise can meet the needs we identify together and flourish in a context of mutual respect. We also want just the same for others

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Securing A Safe Future For Our Children Together

In a world where all of our systems seem broken and many of our institutions are dysfunctional, those in positions of power will tell you that the human heart is powerless to change things. Help us build a movement for positive change based on principled pragmatism that asserts the power of the human heart and the creativity and value of every personJOIN US HERE

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By putting kindness at the heart of a new practical perspective of ‘Mutualism’, Civil Society offers a platform for change & progress based on values that most people can own – Respect & Responsibility, Creativity & Courage in pursuit of Shared Purpose. Communities, government and business all have a role in this greater good.